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“I help you to maximize your potential through my knowledge of sports, nutrition and the latest biohacking techniques !”


Ulrich’s goal is simple: to provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to reach your goal !

To achieve this, his methods are numerous and selected with and for you in a real tailor-made service !

In connection with all the people who accompany you, Ulrich offers the service you lack and that you can rely on.

You want to start a ketogenic diet, but you don’t know what ingredients to use or where to get them? Ulrich has the solution !

You want to learn how to cook ketogenic ? Ulrich has the solution !

You don’t know which lab to use to track a measurement in particular ? Ulrich has the solution !

You are lost in the endless choice of food supplements, sports drinks ? Ulrich has the solution !

The ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is popular and that’s great news !

The  “ketogenic” diet is a food arbitration very low in carbohydrates, high in fats and normo-proteins. The name comes from the state of ketosis into the body enters. This nutritional ketosis is perfectly quantifiable thanks to the ketones circulating in the blood.

Remember that this metabolic state is perfectly physiological. A baby comes into the world in ketosis. And ketones will participate in its brain development.

We forget that not being in ketosis is what is not normal.

There are many benefits to follow a ketogenic diet: weight loss, better insulin sensitivity, reverse hypertension, migraines that disappear, better sleep and stable energy levels, absence of cravings, better recovery, higher bearable training load, better focus …

Biohacking & Performance

Biohacking combines all the techniques designed to obtain the maximum of human potential.

Using a ketogenic diet is one of the biohacking techniques. But we can go much further.

If you want to grow your muscle mass as quickly as possible in the shortest possible time, Ulrich can offer you the latest biohacking techniques.

If you want to optimize your sleep, including an increase in the duration of your deep sleep (stage 3) which is the most important phase for health, recovery and muscle anabolism, he can help you.

Ulrich can help and train you to become stronger, more enduring, more resilient thanks to exposure to cold through ice baths, to warmth through different types of sauna. You will also learn to breathe thanks to the Wim Hof ​​method.

Finally Ulrich will guide you through the endless choice of food supplements, ingredients and drinks that will help you to reach your full potential by filling the needs that your diet does not cover.


Talking about obesity, prediabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia in athletes may seem irrelevant.

But the reality on the ground and in scientific research is quite different.

While it was very rare in the 1980s to see obese people line up for the start of a marathon or motocross race, today it’s a reality that no longer surprises anyone. The myth of exercise to lose weight lives on, and the slogan “eat less and move more” shows us decades later that this is a lie!

The reality is simple: you will never lose weight sustainably without a significant food rebalancing, especially with much less carbohydrates!

So, if you have weight problems, concerns with your blood sugar, rest assured, Ulrich is here to support you.

Our tools

We now live in a world of unlimited choices. Knowing how to make the right choice then becomes time-consuming. The risk of making the wrong choice, wasting time and money, has never been more present than today.

For you, Ulrich will put at your disposal the best tools, the best tests, the best methods and above all he will train you in their uses.

Check out some examples of the best that you will use with him.

Become a fat burning machine !