The art of losing fat ...

Overweight in sport

Tackling overweight and even obesity in sport may seem paradoxical. But the reality around us provides us with proof that it’s now a real epidemic …

The biggest mistake was to make  believe all athletes that a massive consumption of carbohydrates was essential to perform: this is false !

The second mistake was to spread the idea that exercise alone could provide weight loss: this is false !

And last but not least, the third big mistake was to convey the idea that we could eat anything we wanted as long as we practiced intense physical activity: this is false !

The ketogenic diet

Losing weight is an art !

The science surrounding all aspects of weight loss is dense. But when it comes to taking action in very different individuals, then a tailor-made approach is required.

The ketogenic, low-carb, high-fat diet works, it’s proven by science. Ulrich has been following this dietary approach since 2013, so he’s living ketogenic and can see all the benefits everyday.

Whether you are looking to lose some fat for your next competition or for a massive weight loss, Ulrich will be by your side to provide you the best options.

Biological resynchronization

Every living being on earth, every animal or plant is subjected to biological cycles synchronized thanks to signals sent by a given environment.

Humans are the only specie on earth to have successfully dominated their environment. While this is an incredible feat, there are consequences …

From the environment imposed by itself on us, we’ve moved on to an environment that we impose on ourselves. But we never received a manual for this environment that we have created.

So we have allowed hot where it’s cold and cold where it’s hot. We allowed food in abundance and available 24 hours a day. We invented the light to brighten penumbra … Unfortunately through all these modern benefits, we have also broken essential signals to our biological synchronization. Follow Ulrich, he will give you all the instructions you need to learn to create an optimal environment and get back in sync.

Basal Metabolic Rate

One of the most misunderstood subjects is our basic metabolism.

This term defines our energy needs to cover our basic needs, that is to say without any physical activity. This basic energy expenditure fuels our heart, brain, breathing, digestion, cell renewal and maintains our body temperature. The misunderstanding of this basic energy need comes from the fact that it has been led to believe that it can be estimated by a simple mathematical formula. We have also been led to believe that this figure is stable … There is nothing further from the truth !

The low metabolism can vary by more than 300% upwards or downwards … Simply because our body has the ability to turn off one by one some functions that it considers not essential in the short term to survive …

Maintaining a high basic metabolic rate is a priority for Ulrich. And this point is essential for lasting weight loss. He has several tools to help you achieve your goal without  impacting negatively your basic metabolism.

Change your lifestyle

The theory that calls for eating less and moving more to lose weight doesn’t work … Believing this myth leads to epic fails in the short and long-term. For a lasting fat loss, it’s more important to make profound changes in your lifestyle.

  • Know how to organize your meals: how many and when.
  • Know how to select your ingredients and do your shopping.
  • Know how to protect yourself from artificial light and improve your sleep.
  • Reduce your stress level.
  • Organize your physical activities.

Ulrich has been there himself. So he has experienced all these challenges and questions you ask yourself.

Become a fat burning machine !