Biohacking & Performance

Become a "fat burning machine"

In a simplified way, we have at our disposal two main sources of energy :

  • Lipids (the fat in our plate or your body fat).
  • Carbohydrates (muscle glycogen or carbs in our plate).

The myth of consuming massive amounts of carbohydrates for performance is now over. It’s definitely dead both from a theoretical point thanks to science, and from a practical point thanks to champions like Zach Bitter in Ultra-Running or Paula Newby-Frazer in Ironman…

Therefore, the question is : “how to switch fuel from carbohydrates to fat and how to become efficient with fat as main fuel ?” Ulrich offers a full support service precisely for the reason to answer to all these questions and to avoid all these mistakes that people have made before you .

Muscle building

The “Colorado experiment” was held in May 1973 at the Colorado State University. Have you ever heard of it ?

This is the best-performing muscle-building protocol in history to this date.

Casey Viator, under the supervision of Arthur Jones and his famous method, has been able to gain in 14 sessions (33 minutes on average), over 28 days, a total of 63 lbs (28 kg) of muscle mass, while losing 7 lbs of fat (3kg).

Ulrich’s approach to muscle mass gain is simple : Gain as much as possible in the least amount of time !

Improve sleep quality

If you deprive 3 people at the same time: one from drinking, the second one from eating and the third from sleeping, few people know that the first person to lose their life will be the one deprived of sleep… Sleep is vital and its quality should never be an adjustment in our modern life.

You may not know it, but we have many levers at our disposal that we can pull to alter our sleep quality.

For example, if we consume a lot of carbohydrates our sleep will be made up of more REM sleep, while if we are on a ketogenic diet, our deep sleep (favorable to anabolism) will be improved.

After studying your sleep and your lifestyle, Ulrich will be able to offer you personalized solutions to truly optimize your sleep.

Improve your lifestyle

Our modern lifestyle is not conducive to good health and for athletes it’s their performance which is impacted.
Ulrich helps you make good choices in your daily life and thus allow you to get the best of you ! Better sleep, biological resynchronization, natural light exposure and protection from artificial light exposure.

Today’s ubiquitous smartphones and screens expose us massively to blue light, which negatively impacts our biological clock. Ulrich guides you to protect yourself from it.

In contrast, the sun is our friend and daily exposure to natural light is essential. So, follow the guide !

All aspects of your lifestyle will be explored with you to define the best personalized options.

Improve your resistance

The use of ice baths is popular thanks to Wim Hof. So, it’s no coincidence that many athletes have adopted them with huge benefits.

On the other side of the spectrum, heat exposure from different types of sauna (dry, wet or infrared heat) can also provide a significant benefit in many situations.

Generally speaking, placing human body in an uncomfortable situation induces an adaptation signal. It’s all about timing and balance.
Ulrich guides you to make the best choices to reach your goal.

Learn to breathe

Everyone imagines he knows how to breathe. It’s the first thing we do spontaneously when we come into the world !

This is a mistake, because we no longer know how to breathe optimally …

Wim Hof is the world star on this topic. And practicing his method is clearly not a waste of time. So you will learn to breathe, you will learn to manage pain through simple breathing exercises, and you will learn how to deliver the maximum oxygen to your cells by holding your breath !

Finally, Ulrich will guide you on your nasal breathing, especially during your workouts or while sleeping.

Learn to run

Humans are hunters. Therefore, they are ideally suited for long distance running without shoes (the persistence hunting method).

In the 1960’s, the idea of outfitting runners with special shoes made the fortune of brands like the one created by Philip Knight.

Obviously, modern biomechanics tell us this is wrong, because the human foot is perfectly equipped to run optimally without shoes.

Ulrich will accompany you step by step, to return to these fundamentals that we have unfortunately forgotten. You will gain: a stronger foot, fewer injuries and the biomechanics of the midfoot stride.

All you still have to do is to choose between a pair of Vibram, Vivobarefoot, Lems and Xero shoes …

Ketone bodies

Ketones are produced naturally by the liver of people in nutritional ketosis. But since the end of the 90s, research tries in every way to synthesize this very particular substrate.

It’s now done, first in the form of salts and more recently in the form of esters.

Thanks to Ulrich’s expertise in synthetic ketones for years, he knows how to determine when they are useful but also when they aren’t (when they don’t provide any benefit). Discover with him this new product reserved for insiders.


Micronutrients are often overlooked in a diet. This is a big mistake because they should be the priority !

Micronutrition is really complex. Mainly because it’s articulated with many variables such as your genome, your epigenetics, your microbiome, your food intolerances and allergies, your tastes … So, Ulrich guides you through all these options, to offer you the best according to your personal case.

Ulrich’s holistic dietary approach places vitamins and minerals at the center. He first tries to assess your needs, then he creates a list of the most micronutrient-dense foods for you in line with your preferences and dietary constraints.

Then, Ulrich works to fill any gaps that may persist. Between  food or supplements, his preference will always go towards food. But if he has to choose between a deficiency and a supplement, it is the last one that he will help you to select.

Vespa Power

Vespa Power is first and foremost the story of a pioneer in the research of lipid metabolism optimization: Peter Defty !

He pioneered a training program for athletes to optimize their ability to burn fat.

He also founded Vespa Power which is a pouch gel for “fat burner”.

Discover with Ulrich this new generation of sports drink reserved to “fat burners” !

Become a fat burning machine !