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Ulrich Génisson is the co-founder in France of “EatFat2BeFit”, the first French-speaking community around the ketogenic diet since 2015. He has already trained thousands of people.

Since 2020, it’s in Boulder, Colorado (USA) that he lives and operates as Ketogenic Diet expert.

He’s been in constant nutritional ketosis since 2013 and his passion for nutrition and exercise has made him an expert in ketogenic diet and biohacking techniques.

His passions are numerous and revolve around sports, nutrition, cooking, agriculture, science and anything that can improve athletic performance.

Ulrich’s work and the help he offers are positioned between the doctor, the nutritionist, the coach and the cook.

My sport practice

Ulrich’s beginnings in Motocross go back to 1983 when he was 5 years old. This sport is truly the passion of a lifetime.

In 1997 he had to undergo 4 operations on his left arm after a heavy crash which left him with after-effects on his wrist that he had been predicted for life. But thanks to the ketogenic diet, he’s been able to make disappear these persistent pains  and … to resume his practice of Motocross!

Ulrich also practices running (marathon and Trail Running) in “light feet running” mode with Vibram FiveFingers over all distances.

His passion for sport is wide ranging from mountain biking to scuba diving.

Motocross training

After his crash in 1997, Ulrich decided to follow the course leading to the French diploma of 1st degree motorcycle sports educator (BE1).

It was during this very comprehensive training that he discovered sports nutrition. Since then, he has never stopped adding to his knowledge thanks to regular monitoring of the latest scientific publications.

Therefore and naturally, Ulrich’s experience in sports combined with his ketogenic diet expertise give him the knowledge to help athletes to become real “Fat Burning Machine”.


In 1998, Ulrich created his first company “Team Genisson Grand Prix”. Ulrich’s goal was to create a new team to participate in Motocross World Championship in the 250 class (called MXGP nowadays).

Unfortunately, he couldn’t reach the minimum  budget required. However, at that time he was able to win the support of Kawasaki Motors Europe, Dunlop, Unil Opal and Acerbis!

Food Expertise

Ulrich’s professional career then led him to become an agro-food expert for 10 years with the world leader in control and certification : SGS company.

During all these years, he has been able to develop a large range of quality control skills on different products from agricultural raw materials to consumer products.

This more than enriching experience gave him the skills to know how to sample any product, do the necessary analyzes and know how to interpret the analysis reports both on components and on contaminations of all kinds:

Residues of phytosanitary products, cross-contamination, mycotoxins.

He is able to carry out the investigations required to find causes. And above all Ulrich has the necessary expertise to make the connection between what is happening from field to plate, for your health.

Do you have any doubts about a possible mycotoxin contamination of your favorite coffee ? Do you really want to know if your 100% chocolate does not contain any added sugar ? Ulrich can help you !

Best seller of the ketogenic diet in France

In 2017, Ulrich co-wrote with his wife Nelly, “Le grand livre de l’alimentation cétogène” prefaced by Prof. Tim Noakes. Since its publication, the book is still the bestseller of the ketogenic diet for French speakers.

With over 1,200 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5 / 5, this book is the key to getting started on your new low-carb, high-fat diet.

Conferences on the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet remains little known in Europe.

So Ulrich hold several conferences to share his ketogenic diet expertise with the general public.

As Ulrich’s interventions were very well received  everywhere, this convinced him to continue his efforts. His goal is simple: to popularize all the science produced around the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet expert

Since 2013 his personal experience, research and full involvement in the ketogenic field, made Ulrich one of the experts on the ketogenic diet.

Doctors have medical expertise, researchers have scientific expertise, nutritionists have dietary expertise. Ulrich’s strength and uniqueness is to combine all these aspects together thanks to his daily knowledge of nutritional ketosis. Knowing how to properly formulate your ketogenic diet, knowing how to shop, knowing how to cook, knowing how to avoid pitfalls and knowing how to adapt your lifestyle, knowing how to articulate your daily life with the ketogenic diet, that is exactly where his expertise lies. In particular, he was invited to the Paris Academy of Medicine to present his work around nutritional ketosis.

We talk about us

Ulrich’s work gained media attention.
The 8 o’clock news, and 50 ’Inside  on TF1 (first TV channel in France), ELLE magazine, LeBigUSA, MX Réflexion, Jogging International, LaNutrition.fr, etc …

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