The tools we use

Measuring Nutritional Ketosis

Choosing to follow a ketogenic diet often comes with the need to measure your ketosis. To reassure ourselves and verify that we are not making mistakes or to go further and seek the optimization of our state of nutritional ketosis, we need a simple and powerful tool.

Today, urine strips are outdated. Blood tests are reliable but require a drop of blood.

That’s why, Ulrich chose the very latest, non-invasive technology, which makes it very easy and reliable to take this measurement thanks to the exhaled air.

The Biosense Breath Ketone Monitor will accompany you in your ketogenic diet exploration.

Blood sugar measurement

Monitoring blood sugar continuously becomes essential to make the right decisions in terms of food choices but also more broadly in your lifestyle.

Thanks to this monitoring, you will be able to see for yourself that each small adjustment produces a measurable effect. You will wear the sensor on the back of your arm for 14 days and it will accompany you everywhere to closely monitor your blood sugar fluctuations.

With Supersapiens the fluctuations in your blood sugar will hold no secrets for you.

Combined with the ketogenic diet that will normalize and smooth both your blood sugar and your insulin production, this tool will train you to understand and optimize your blood sugar levels.

Metabolic tracking

Who could have imagined at the start of the 21st century that in 2019 we would have in a simple ring all the tools necessary to measure and record so many parameters?

Thanks to this Oura ring, we can follow, among other things, 24 hours a day: sleep, physical activity, body temperature, HRV, resting heart rate and our respiratory rate … In short, it’s a real complete monitoring in a simple ring …

From this data, we can study the different phases of our sleep, to know if we are at 100% for our next training or if we are overheating. We can also detect a possible disease early on … In short, this little tool, as discreet as it’s essential, will never leave you!

Monitoring of sports activities

It is no longer necessary to present the Garmin brand, which has been supporting athletes around the world for a long time.

Whether you’re running, cycling, rowing, swimming or practicing motocross, the technology developed by Garmin will produce the data you need to improve your performance.

Optimize your sleep

The NeuroOn mask is a project born on Kickstarter in 2018. Ulrich is one of the first to take part in the adventure by taking the risk of never receiving his counterpart. Today the project is at a standstill and deliveries have been halted pending further funding.

Ulrich is fortunate to be able to use the first copies of a revolutionary tool to optimize the quality of your sleep.

Monitor your lactate level

Following your lactate levels when you’re an athlete is a common approach.

So you won’t be surprised to use a tool, like the one produced by EKF.

But as part of a well-formulated athletic ketogenic diet, your lactate and “lactate threshold” habits will dramatically change.

Nutritional ketosis increases metabolic flexibility during exercise, reduces glycolysis, and increases muscle fat oxidation. In other words, nutritional ketosis alters the hierarchy in the competition for energy substrates. And that explains the lower blood level of lactate at certain times and higher than normal levels at others. Ulrich will help you to analyze these radical changes and turn them into a competitive advantage.

Basic metabolism - VO2 - RQ

To set up a serious tailor-made protocol, it’s necessary to accurately measure your oxygen consumption (your VO2 max), as well as your respiratory quotient (RQ). All this will allow Ulrich to precisely establish which energy substrate you use at each intensities. Thanks to PNOE, portable equipments exist and we can make all the measurements in situ together, at a regular pace, to follow your progress.

Optimize your breathing

We are all more or less convinced that we know how to breathe optimally.

The bad news is that we don’t !
The good news is that Ulrich has tools to measure and improve it.

Thanks to Airofit, you will be able to train and increase your lung capacity while reducing your respiratory rate.

These exercises will quickly improve your breathing efficiency and you will also get better performance, reduced stress levels, better sleep and better recovery.

Breathing well can be learned and improved.

Digestive tracker

With modern life, the ubiquity of antibiotics, too much liquids absorbed during meals, digestion problems are more and more common.

In addition to causing significant discomfort, this poor digestion also induces poor absorption of nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are poorly absorbed, macronutrients too, and too much fermentation takes place in the small intestine or colon. Thanks to FoodMarble we can track this fermentation, measure the exhaled gases and modify our food choices and our lifestyle. Ulrich will guide you in its use and the implementation of solutions.

Red light therapy

For what purpose do you want to use red light therapy?

Natural light is essential for our health, just like water, sleep and the nutrients in food. The human body is designed to function with abundant natural light, but with our modern lifestyles, most of us don’t get enough light on a daily basis.

This natural light is made up of a full spectrum (visible and invisible). Remember that sunlight is our ally in terms of health and not our enemy.

Part of this natural spectrum is red light. However, in recent years, scientific research has been able to highlight the importance of this wavelength, with many benefits to it (energy production, reduction of inflammation, blood flow, recovery … )

Thanks to Joovv, we can artificially recreate this light and get the benefits of it when we can’t go outside or natural light is insufficient. Ulrich will explain you in details how to use this innovative solution.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a therapy aimed at bringing more oxygen to our cells, thanks to a pressurized chamber and up to 100% oxygen saturation. With this technique we can bring up to 25 times more oxygen to the tissues and thus obtain countless benefits, such as:

  • Increased production of stem cells
  • Stronger immune system
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Promotes regeneration of damaged tissues
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Successful treatment of traumatic brain injury

The science surrounding the HBOT approach is rich. Countries like China and Israel are also at the forefront in this field. But no need to cross the planet, Ulrich will support you to put this approach at your service with the help of HBOT USA.

Nutritional monitoring

Using and understanding the service offered by Cronometer is absolutely essential, at least for as long as you need to feel comfortable with your diet and know how to balance your nutrients intake.

Ulrich has been using Cronometer for years, always with the same satisfaction. Thanks to this service, you will be able to follow with precision and a degree of detail, all the foods that make up your plate. In addition, the total personalization of your micronutrient intakes allows him to define with you upstream the ideal target to be reached on a daily basis.

Gone are the days of just counting calories. We are in the era of personalized monitoring for all nutrients ! Ulrich will be happy to help you in this daily food monitoring.

Hormonal balance

Getting a representative hormones checkup of what’s really going on in your body isn’t that simple. Hormones circulate following biological rhythms. So taking a sample at 7 a.m. or 11 a.m. will not give the same result. Hormonal productions adjust quickly thanks to different stimuli. For all of these reasons, getting a hormonal checkup through a blood test is not the most reliable and accurate thing we can do.

Always in the search for performance, Ulrich uses the services of Precision Analytical, Inc. Their DUTCH Test provides an accurate assessment by collecting your urine in a special kit. With Ulrich, you will benefit from the most innovative analysis methods.

Blood test

Innovation doesn’t stop with Let’s Get Checked. Recently, we have been able to benefit from a new capillary blood analysis service.

Concretely, we no longer need a blood sample taken by a nurse, but simply a drop of blood on the tip of the finger.

This innovation changes everything, as it becomes very easy to follow many parameters regularly at home or on the go.

Genetic Analysis

We all know now the importance of our DNA, our “genetic heritage”. But we should not consider our genetics as something to which we must necessarily submit. Today, we have tools that allow us to “translate” our genome and above all that offer us innovative possibilities to intervene on a genetic variable (SNP). This is the science of epigenetics. And the variables on which we can intervene are numerous.

Thanks to SelfDecode, Ulrich will have a precise assessment of your genetic situation. From this data he can put in place a tailor-made protocol concerning your entire lifestyle and thus can offer you the opportunity to reach your full potential.

Biological age

Dr. Steve Horvath has left his name in the history of science as the inventor of the “body clock”.

Now in addition to your “chronological” age depending on the day of your birth, you can know if from an epigenetic point of view you are early or late. In other words, does your genetic age match to your age at all ?

Thanks to MyDNAge, and a little drop of your blood, Ulrich will be able to tell you. Then, thanks to the results, he will be able to set up a whole protocol to delay your genetic aging and thus hope for maximum longevity in an optimal health.

Water depleted in deuterium

Deuterium has been a subject that has fascinated Ulrich for years. Deuterium is everywhere, it’s in water, it’s in our bodies. Naturally, we maintain a normal level of this deuterium in our body. But under certain conditions, this level increases with its share of undesirable consequences. The solution is simple: put in place a strategy to deplete your body in deuterium. To achieve this, Ulrich has at his disposal several levers to operate regarding your lifestyle. But he also has deuterium-depleted water that is both efficient and reliable. These depleted waters will literally suck up your excess deuterium simply by rebalancing (excess deuterium in your body – water deficit = balance).

What can we expect from a deuterium-depleted water consumption strategy ? Many benefits, such as fighting diseases of course, but the athlete can expect a lower heart rate, an optimal VO2 max, a higher metabolic rate… Through this approach, we directly impact our “mini-factories” for energy which are our mitochondria. Ulrich can help you in your deuterium depletion strategy.

Become a fat burning machine !